Anjem Choudary arrest in UK a blow to Global Jihad

Friday, September 26, 2014

Within only a few hours of Prime Minister Cameron calling for action at the United Nations against ISIS and “its murderous plans to expand its borders well beyond Iraq and Syria… and to carry out terrorist atrocities right across the world,” in a widely welcomed development in the war on terror on the home front here in Britain – Anjem Choudary was arrested.


The arrest of Anjem Choudary has been long overdue and has come only after years of him being allowed to freely preach hate, peddle his poisonous agenda and expand his network of evil. Born in Welling in south-east London, he has transformed himself from a beer guzzling south London ‘lad’ known as Andy to a preacher of hate, spreading Islamist extremism and sponsoring jihadist terror across the world, calling himself an Imam. It has been a downward journey of a young south London lawyer with a potential to help deliver justice for people, turning into an Islamist thug helping deliver injustice to those around him and doing injustice to the very nation where he was born.


Helping form the Al-Mahajiroun terrorist organisation in the UK with his mentor Omar Bakri Muhammad after it was banned by the Saudis in 1986, Choudary has been the driving force behind much of Islamist extremism in the United Kingdom. After Al-Mahajiroun was banned in the UK, Choudary along with other Islamist militants persistently launched rebranded versions such as ‘Ahlus Sunna wal Jamaah’, ‘Al Ghurabaa’ and most recently ‘Islam4UK’ – with the ultimate aim to establish an Islamic caliphate and Sharia in the UK.


Seeing his yearning for an Islamic caliphate, Choudary has been lavish in his praise for the monstrous evil – ISIS. Most recently tweeting “In the Qaran it is not allowed for you to feel sorry for non-Muslims” – in response to the plight of the kidnapped UK aid worker Alan Henning. It seems it was only minutes before being arrested early this morning by the SO15 Counter Terrorism command of the Metropolitan police that he tweeted, “The Islamic State could not wish for a better rallying call for Muslims worldwide to join them than for the USA to start bombing again” – once again encouraging Islamist extremists across the globe to join ISIS in its violent jihad against the USA and its allies.


However, it is not only against the USA that Choudary has repeatedly spouted his twisted rage. Along with Israel and even Iran and Saudi Arabia (whom he calls ‘apostate regimes’), our friend India has increasingly been on his radar. After his failed attempt to hold his ‘Sharia4Hind’ rally in Delhi in 2012, Choudary has advocated to ‘ban’ Bollywood, imposition of the Jaziya tax on non-Muslims in India and the overthrow of the world’s largest democracy to “return India to the GOLDEN era” – tweeting on May 5, “Only the Shari’ah can resolve the problems India faces. When implemented, the evils of man-made law will be eradicated.”

Whether it is the Islamist extremist thugs shouting their inflammatory anti-British slogans on Pier road in Woolwich or the militant Islamists conducting ‘raids’ across East London to ‘hunt down infidels’ or the ISIS sympathisers in our town centres handing out ISIS branded leaflets calling for Sharia in the UK – such sights are a sordid blight on our streets that the British people should not have to suffer every time they visit their town centres.


For far too long, Anjem Choudary and his disciples have been allowed to get away with driving forward their agenda of hate. Successive Governments have lacked the vision and will to tackle this evil man and his twisted ideology, until now. After years of wrongly being given air time by TV channels and Choudary and co. celebrating the ‘Magnificent 19’ terrorists who committed 9/11, it seems that finally we have woken up to the reality of just how dangerous Choudary and his devilish ideology is to our democracy, our way of life and the cohesion of our diverse communities.


Whether it was his horrid plan of ‘hell for heroes’ in burning poppies on the roads of Wootton Bassett or his repeated abuse of free speech in openly and repeatedly calling for the overthrow of British democracy or his loud calls for the imposition of the Sharia in the United Kingdom – the British public has had enough of this continuing betrayal of Britain. Tolerance of such intolerance cannot and must not be tolerated any longer.


Parliament must empower PM Cameron’s pledge to take action against ISIS and we must redouble our efforts in the war on terror to leave no safe haven for such enemies of democracy and freedom. It is only then can we ensure that the one world that we have is secure for our children and our grandchildren – we need action and we need it now.

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