We need wisdom of action rather than just words of inaction, to fight ISIS and Islamist Extremism

Monday, September 15, 2014

Once again Britain wakes up to shock, outrage and horror of yet another cold-blooded beheading of an innocent – David Haines. Once again Prime Minister David Cameron reconvenes yet another emergency COBRA meeting. As we remember a man who led a life of service to others, most of whom were victims of conflict. From South Sudan to the Balkans and in stark contrast to his murderers, David Haines served humanity as an aid worker doing good, bringing hope and positively changing the lives of so many.


While we sit and wait for more innocents to be slaughtered by ISIS fuelled by its violent barbaric ideology, which is now estimated to have increased its force of evildoers to 31,500 ‘72 virgins seeking’ jihadists raging their twisted, delusional and violent jihad across Iraq and Syria. With this latest barbaric beheading of David Haines, ISIS has once again proven its credentials as the premier barbarous terror outfit bludgeoning its way to outflank the likes of Lashkar-e-Tayebba and Al-Qaeda. Over the last few years ISIS has transformed itself from a much smaller Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) to a cross-country Islamic State of Iraq and Syria headed by its criminal leader and self-proclaimed Caliph- Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.


Although it was helpful to go air-dropping bottles of water in the aid of the helpless Yazidis sheltering on Mount Sinjar escaping the violent onslaught of these ISIS demons. It is not at all enough and rather too little-too late for the Yazidi and Christian women abducted, tortured and raped by ISIS fighters. Children as young as 12 have been reported to be kept as sex slaves so that they can be raped, ‘punished’ and subjugated for being infidels by these deviant and depraved people. The cries of the Yazidis must not be ignored, for today it is their crying and their suffering, tomorrow it could be our own.


With the increase in the UK terror threat level to ‘severe’ and the recent launch of Al-Qaeda in the Indian sub-continent with its Pakistani chief – Asim Umar, it is about time that an Axis-of-Good takes up arms and puts actual boots on the ground with a comprehensive strategy to challenge, fight and defeat this evil coalition of the immoral, the barbaric and the devilish.


We must take up this fight before this evil has a chance to further amplify and increase its Mediaeval savagery; before it reaches our shores of London, New York or Mumbai powered by perhaps the evil aims of people like Pakistani nuclear scientists Bashir Ud-din Mahmood and Abdul Majeed with a nuclear, biological or chemical weapon; before it reaches a point where we risk plunging the whole world into the darkness of global conflict.


With the divisive and ineffective Nouri al-Maliki now longer Prime Minister of Iraq, we need to do three things to challenge ISIS:


We need more lethal air-strikes to cut the umbilical cord of ISIS in Iraq from their HQ in Raqqa in Syria. We urgently need to work to discourage support for ISIS and alienate it among the Sunni tribes in its territory – for which we first must take to task some of the prominent member nations of the Gulf Co-operation Council, with an ultimatum that (to borrow a phrase from George W Bush) “either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” and that enough is enough with their mostly two-faced treachery in fighting terror. Most importantly only people on the ground can remove other people on the ground and that is why we must have boots on the ground to hunt down and bring to justice the killers of David Haines and others, the Britons who have chosen to betray their nation and the perpetrators of the many massacres and atrocities.


To those who say that this is somehow not ‘our’ problem and there is nothing we can do. Prime Minister David Cameron has said, “This is not some foreign conflict thousands of miles from home that we can hope to ignore,” and he is absolutely right as we must not and we cannot allow this evil to destroy our peace, our harmony and our democracy – the very bedrock of our free world.


As the 10th Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji said, “manas ki jaat sabhe eke paihchanbo” – “recognise all of mankind as a single caste of humanity”, it is about time that we drew inspiration, hope and guidance from that by showing some courage, valour and conviction to realise that we are all one, we have only ‘OneWorld’ and we are all in it together to defend it from the devastation, depredation and deprivation of the pure evil that is ISIS and Al-Qaeda.


We must send a clear signal that we will not stand by idly as mere spectators of this carnage. It is about time that we showed wisdom of action rather than just words of inaction.

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