Baroness Warsi’s resignation - in Britain's National Interest?

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

As NDTV broadcasts exclusive footage of Hamas preparing and launching their rockets of terror into Israel only thirty minutes before the latest ceasefire, British Breaking News is alight with the resignation of Sayeeda Warsi, the controversial Pakistani Baroness as a ‘Senior Minister of State’ at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


Warsi is often thought to be on the wrong side of history, often making retractions on hastily expressed views and often seen to be diverting attention from the growing Islamist extremism by banging the drum of appeasement of radical elements.


She has stated that she can no longer support the British Government’s policy on Gaza, calling it morally indefensible. Having welcomed in 2006 the election of Hamas in Gaza, she fails to realise today the ground situation as without the Iron Dome, the Israeli anti-missile defence, there would be thousands of casualties in Israel and more importantly that the villainous and devious aggressor in this present appalling and needless state-of-affairs in the Middle East is neither Muslim nor Jew – it is the terrorist that is Hamas, without whom Gaza would be much better off.


Over the last four weeks, the Prime Minister has repeatedly emphasised that Israel does indeed have the right to defend itself but at the same time has made clear grave concerns about the heavy loss of civilian lives and the need for an immediate unconditional humanitarian ceasefire.


The Cameron Government’s position has been entirely consistent and right in support of a negotiated two-State solution as the only way to resolve this conflict once and for all to allow Israelis and Palestinians to live safely in peace.


Having been brought up in Yorkshire by her parents “to know Pakistan, to understand Pakistan and to love Pakistan” Warsi has repeatedly fought for the Pakistani cause, polishing the Pakistani crescent and star with green undying fervour. Even with the backing of controversial Labour Lord Nazir Ahmed, who incidentally hails from Mirpur, Warsi failed to win in her home seat of Dewsbury in the 2005 General election and has never won a public election. However, Warsi was still appointed and elevated to the House of Lords as a life peer in July 2007 becoming the Shadow Minister for Community cohesion.


Whether it was seeing Warsi host a grand tea reception in the House of Lords for Fakhria Zulqarnain Khan, wife of Raja Zulqarnain Khan, the erstwhile President of ‘Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir’ or her speech to people in Mirpur proposing British intervention in Jammu & Kashmir saying “Britain will play its due role to ensure the early resolution of the Kashmir issue.”


In all of this, ‘community cohesion’ is the one thing that remained elusive seeing how Warsi was pelted with eggs by young men from the outlawed UK based terror outfit – Al Muhajiroun in Luton. The high water mark of Warsi’s track record of being on the wrong side is widely seen to be her open support for terror outfits in Jammu and Kashmir which she conveniently labels as ‘Freedom fighters’ and wrongly compared with the great Nelson Mandela and the ANC’s fight against the Apartheid.


Prime Minister Cameron’s vision of a special relationship with India and his public realisation that Pakistan must not be allowed to look both ways on promoting the export of terrorism, demonstrates beyond question that Cameron’s Britain wants to see peace flourish between India and Pakistan and prosperity providing opportunities for people on both sides of the LoC.


Many commentators will say that this resignation may help Cameron’s vision to be realised with more vigour than may have been possible before, as the sore voice of Pakistani two-faced international diplomatic drama will no longer be present in Cabinet meetings of Her Majesty’s Government.


But then, this resignation seems to be more about the position of Sayeeda Warsi than the Government’s position on Gaza. Said to have had dreams of being Foreign Secretary but actually demoted from her post as Conservative Party chairman following one of her numerous and often infamous and much talked about trips to Pakistan, she failed to make much positive use of her most recent post as ‘Senior Minister of State’ at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office; failing most recently to help heal deep scars of 1984 and Operation Bluestar despite numerous meetings with the Sikhs in Britain earlier this year.


Despite delivering the first Muslim Cabinet Minister in British history, a golden chance has been entirely wasted due to sheer incompetence, inexperience and incapability in driving forward the Conservative Party in genuinely being the natural home for British Asians.


This unfortunate situation serves as a loud alarm for real and positive change urgently needed in who, when and how they represent us in Parliament.


For it should not matter whether you are a Muslim or a Hindu or a Sikh or a Jew, it shouldn’t matter where you come from, it should only matter where you are going – that is what is in Britain’s national interest.


That is what is in India’s national interest. That is what is in Democracy’s best interest.

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